Isaacson Professor Walter F Spara is the founder of Pensacola Junior College's creative writing program and the nationally acclaimed literary journal, Half Tones to Jubilee. The poetry on this web site were featured in the Fall 2000 issue of Half Tones to Jubilee. Under Professor Spara's guidance, Half Tones has won numerous national awards from the Community College Humanities Association.

Spara's works have appeared in various journals and publications including the Emerald Coast Review, Hoggetowne Poesie, Revelry and Coal City Review, among others. In the Panhandle area, he has been recognized by the West Florida Literary Federation with a Heritage Award for Special Achievement in the Literary Arts.

Spara is also an avid painter. In poetry, he holds in special esteem Emily Dickinson, Emily Bronte, William Butler Yeats and Philip Levine, to name a few; in fiction, he favors Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, Katherine Anne Porter and Flannery O'Connor.