Steal This Parlor


   Peters is preaching to the crowd, which includes some blue men and me.  Peters pauses to let
His Point sink in and then heckling comes from behind Him.  Peters turns around, we all direct
our gaze to two young men wearing gold chains.  Each of them has a dog on a chain.  The dogs
are small and have the redundant faces of pissed off old psychotic men.

   The youths are foul mouthed.  They say their penises are large and that they are going to sodomize
Peters.  The crowd is afraid of the youths who have raped and killed several old women in the neighbor-
hood.  I over hear a woman next to me say the two youths are possessed by several demons.  She
is brave for most people are afraid to talk of the two youths and the menace they cause.

   Peters sizes up the two youths.  Silence is all around.  I am reminded of a western on television.
The two angry dogs yap and try to charge free of their chains.  Birds fly over head.

   Peters yells, "I cast thee out in the name of my Lord!"

   The two youths collapse in seizures as their demons take up in the dogs.  The dogs proceed
to eat the youths.  We all stand too shocked and relieved to intervene.  Peters runs the dogs off
who trail hunks of flesh from their mouths.  Peters applies compression with his bare hands to the
gaping wounds.

   The flesh heals with the touch of His Hands.  We ohuuu aahhh.