Isaacson A closeted epileptic since birth, Henri Isaacson drives taxicabs in Detroit, Michigan. He also composes short stories and shoves them into his desk drawer. He has done this for as long as he can remember. He creates his works by writing small parts in thoughtless (but contemplative) fashion and then linking the parts together like a rough-hewn Quaker quilt. He insists that the parts are produced in conductive fashion from a "higher source" and that his only contribution is the linking of the parts to form the story.

Zen meditation, modern-primitive tribalists and the implicit beliefs that motivate American suburban culture are just a few of the things that intrigue Henri Isaacson. In BurgerMan, he set out to explore his ideas and write his first novel about suburban culture.

BurgerMan is the first of his works to see the light of the new millennium. For the sake of our sanity, pray that the cusp of our communal consciousness never sees what else may remain in his drawer-John Wagner.