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Steal This strives to be inclusive.

Introduce yourself, E-mail us with your idea or work.

If the idea sounds good, then the following must occur:

I. All works must be presented with proof of copyright-- you still own it.

II. Help us out by getting it into a usable form:

A. Prose must be presented as an Adobe Acrobat® PDF file.
B. Cultural artifacts must be presented as a ready-to-go-HTML document.
C. Artist promotional material must be presented as a ready-to-go-HTML
page with thumbnail and detailed JPEG images.

III. And we'll plug you into the front line of the culture war!


Legal Disclaimer (Note the following legal blah blah blah):
Steal This will not be held legally responsible for the content of your work.
Steal This reserves the right to refuse any work for any reason.